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Contract Law

Contract Law

Paperback by Hough, Tracey; Kirk, Ewan

Contract Law

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02 Jul 2018
Contract Law


Contract Law is an engaging and accessible new textbook aimed at students on core LLB and GDL courses. Combining comprehensive coverage of the curriculum with carefully developed pedagogical tools, the authors help students learn, gain an enhanced understanding of how the law works, and develop their ability to apply this newfound knowledge and understanding in assessment situations. To be successful in assessments, students must be able to analyse and solve legal problems, while accurately and appropriately applying legal authority. The Spotlights series models these core skills alongside a full and thorough exposition of the substantive law.


1: Introduction to the Law of Contract; 2: Formation of a Contract; 3: Consideration; 4: Intention to Create Legal Relations, Capacity and Form; 5: Terms of a Contract; 6: Exclusion Clauses and Unfair Terms; 7: Illegal and Unenforceable Contracts; 8: Misrepresentation; 9: Mistake; 10: Duress and Undue Influence; 11: Discharge of Contract 1; 12: Discharge of Contract 2; 13: Remedies 1; 14: Remedies 2; 15: Third Parties: Privity and Agency

Taylor & Francis Ltd
478 pages

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